Prepping the Garden, or Protecting the Garden

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:24 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

With us carefully watching the track of Lola's path as it bears down on the Pacific it made me reflect on a few things that had slipped my mind after the last season and improvements we were going to make.

  1.  Primarily, the changes were to screw detachable pine stakes to the corner of the back two raised beds. This will allow us to either wrap rope around the bed at a given height to contain things like the corn, or to attach a wind break when needed.
  2. Whilst we secure our tomatoes from above, which works well, we have thought about putting stretchy gardeners rope horizontally halfway up between the frames on the post to add a bit of extra support (not sure exactly how I want to do it yet).
  3. Actually purchase some windbreak and cut to size ready.

While these ideas were mostly talked about after cyclone Gabrielle, Gabrielle was not the first storm that has seen us scrounging around the garage for anything to secure or protect our garden (usually it is dark and pouring with rain at this point) The tomato frame that surrounds our beds has often had an array  of random things attached to it hastly (eg the plastic cover from a new bed matress) and even an old shade sail. Certainly doesn't look pretty but it has done the job. 

After Gabrielle we vowed we would put something better in place ready for this xmas, and especially for while we are camping so I stress less (hubby on numerous occasions has been sent home with a list from camp when he's returned for work). Unfortunately, up until now, we had  completely forgot about our plans.

While viewing the weather report was a timely reminder of forgotten plans, those plans will have to wait until the weekend as a trip to Mitre 10 will be needed. In the meantime, today's task simply involved shuffling a few plants around in the mini greenhouse. Now more plants are hardening off in the porch (jalapeños, spring onions, and beetroot have joined the tomatoes and squashes). 



Prepping the Garden, or Protecting the Garden