Gardener:The flower lady

Date:25 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have spent most of the day preparing the tunnel house , Mother Nature is not a fan of bare soil , so I did let the weeds get a bit out of control until I was ready to mulch , in Autumn I had 2 paddocks cut and baled to leave out in the elements and rot down , it's been sprouting and the sheep have eaten it , it's frowning loads of fungi and will be watered everyday to have it rot down faster I also put on the ash from cleaning out the fire and some expired baby formula , there are already worms and bettles working their magic . 
There were 11 Swan plants that had self seeded so I potted them on and will plant out when it's needed .

I also had an accidental science experiment , I knew I was going to find some snails and Jamison wanted to add them to the snail hotel which is not thriving lol , but I forgot a jar with a lid , but there was a jar in the tunnel house and the container with water that I use to dunk seed trays I just popped the snails in the jar and popped the jar in the water , we watched as they climbed down stretched over the water some even checked depth but they all went back to the jar where it was safe , was very interesting.