Preserving the Harvest Part 3 (and a kumara update)

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:09 Feb 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

We have had the most delightful family of pukeko visiting our property over the past week. They always arrive after heavy rain and avail themselves of the ponds in neighbouring properties and then pop over to check out our garden.

There's Mum and Dad and two adorable chicks with their crazy gait that is so awkward but so very cute - that is until they start pecking at our espaliered apples!! I have rescued around six half pecked apples (and left a couple of them on the ground for the family to finish off) and today I decided to stew some of the apples to freeze.

We're not big raw apple eaters so our espalier are all cooking apples - Sturmer, Peasgood Nonsuch, Monty's Surprise (also a good eater) and Belle De Boskoop. A few have fallen over the past two weeks and have gone into the fridge so they, along with more picked today, have been put in the preserving pan. I will freeze some for apple sauce and make the rest into apple shortcake and apple pies for SH's lunches and the occassional dessert.

I also want to give you an update on our kumara in the tyres which is looking lush and green and amazing (Northland Gardener😊). I am really hoping there are some nice kumara under there, but we won't find out for a wee while yet...

Preserving the Harvest Part 3 (and a kumara update)