Preserving the Harvest Part 4 - Fruit Salad

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:17 Feb 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Our beautiful espaliered pears have given us so much pleasure over the past few years. 

They look so incredible with their fruit literally dripping off the branches set against our fence, and then we enjoy the deliciousness of thier crisp white flesh. 

I really love them in a salad with cos lettuce, blue cheese and roasted walnuts drizzled with a honey dressing, but the major use of our pears is bottling them with golden queen peaches to make fruit salad for the SH's work lunches throughout the year.

Usually golden queens become cheap and readily available at this time of the year. Due to the tragic results of Cyclone Gabrielle in Hawkes Bay (oh those poor growers) I imagine they will be at a premium this year. We don't grow our own peaches so I bought a few at the supermarket today to add some gold to our fruit salad.

After watching the news over the past few evenings I feel certain gardening and preserving will become even more important to many. So many crops have been destroyed that the price of fruit and vegetables, both fresh, frozen and canned, is going to skyrocket.

I hope so many more people will join us in discovering the joy of food gardening.


Preserving the Harvest Part 4 - Fruit Salad