Preserving the Harvest Part 5

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:19 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I know I keep going on about the price of vegetables right now. But it is so relevant to what we are doing here on the Yates site. Encouraging people to grow their own and to save some serious cash by eating from their own gardens. On Saturday I harvested 3 good sized cauliflower. We had been at the supermarket the day before and a head of cauli was 7.99 - they were not big and did not look particularly fresh.

I cut these three babies - there is half of one in the vegetable crisper to enjoy over the next few days (I feel a cauliflower salad coming on...), I have free flowed another half as a lady I spoke to recently has given me a "foolproof" method of free flow freezing cauli and I want to give it a try, and I have frozen 12 packs of cauliflower cheese - a tried and true favourite of ours.

We have another 9 plants developing under our cloches which I am hoping to freeze in combo with broccoli plants that are starting to heart up.

Last season our packs of frozen cauli/broccoli saw us through 52 weeks and tasted as good after a year as when they were first frozen.

Also over the weekend I pricked out 69 broccoli seedlings - I feel I may be sharing some of these, along with the upcoming harrvest, with friends and family!

Preserving the Harvest Part 5