Pretty, but mind the temper!


Date:30 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well Peurto Rican Yellow has to be the prettiest pepper this year, but don't let the looks deceive you. This little pod packs a punch. 

At first bite you get a fresh cut grass aroma with a lomony floral note, a little sweetness that quickly builds to a fast stinging heat. The flavour is really pleasant but the heat does ruin the experience rather than enhance it. Along with the habanero, this is the hottest I grow.

This pepper was going to be a Peurto Rican hot sauce called Pique, which is a vinaigrette type sauce, but I think that it will be too harsh with that much extra acid added. I am thinking that a fermented sauce with a little lemon to bring up the lemon notes and carrot to keep the yellow a nice deep colour and add to the sweetness will make a great hot sauce for fish. The 2 plants I have are quite prolific so maybe 2 bottles of sauce?


Pretty, but mind the temper!