Pretty Happea!

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:12 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Who doesn't love a good gardening pun for a blog title.

I'm pretty happea with our sugarsnap peas this year. They seemed to be doing nothing over the first two months of winter but then all of a sudden they came to life. We are not ones for shelling peas so having a pea where we can eat the whole thing works well for us. It's also a great gardening snack.

I've planted another batch with the hopes of getting an extended harvest before the weather gets too hot. Fingers crossed! 

Happea gardening everyone.  Hope the weather is great wherever you are. We have had another great day of sun here in Northland.  Hoping this is a sign of things to come but trying not to get my hopes up too high.


Pretty Happea!