Protecting my hard work 🐛


Date:23 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Not much gardening happened this long weekend, with having plans on both Saturday and Sunday meant we weren't home until the evenings.

But today sure made up for that! I finally got the brassicas planted out in the paddock. And a day with no wind meant we could put the netting up over them at the same time. This surely will keep the white butterfly out, as its heart wrenching to go through all the effort of growing them, for caterpillars to destroy your hard work. They insect mesh will be a well worth the investment I'm sure. 

I got some more pricking out done - lettuce, spinach and beetroot seedlings, and the last of my  smaller tomato seedlings needed moved up pot sizes. 

One side, of one of the tunnel houses that's bare got a good amount of compost put on ready for planting. That means just one side still to go, (which I'll have to buy) , as all of my gardens and the other tunnel house got compost put on them at the end of winter. 

And finally, I planted out the two tomato plants I bought in a tunnel, they were well and truly ready to be planted. I won't be planting the others or any other summer crops for a while yet, we had a slight frost this morning and Friday is looking like its going to be a cold one! 

Hope you all got in your gardens this weekend, and if not, you still got to do something that filled your cup :) 



Protecting my hard work 🐛