Fridge Storage


Date:16 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

These fridge containers from Kmart are awesome for keeping veg fresh in the fridge! I've not long had them so haven't tried a lot of different produce in them yet, but so far so good, I'm really impressed!

I harvested some asparagus on Sunday, and they are still crisp today! (Friday), usually after a day they're limp. Sometimes when asparagus is ready for harvest, we're not ready to eat them quite yet! 

They have an air duct at the top which you can have fully closed or half open, I have been following the Tuppareware guidelines that they suggest for each vegetable that I found online. 

It's a pity they aren't larger to fit whole caulis etc in, but I've found they are still fresh with being cut to fit. Hopefully they work just as well for the gluts of zuchinni I'm going to get in the near future! 


Fridge Storage