Rainy Day Crafts.


Date:03 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

What a lot of rain today! There was not much that could be done outside. Having read the weather report before I did shoot out to bunnings to prepare for a 'craft day'.

I made 9 Olla pots, with a new 20l reservoir for the tomato plants. I am very impressed at how the  first bed has worked out. From basic observations, 1 pot will be needed per 2 plants, which will take 1 frame, I have 9 frames so 9 pots gives me 18 plants. I may have a few too many😂 but that's OK. Some can be 3 per frame like the Roma style ones, that will be single leader plants.

It is very strange planting them this late in the season for me, and a lot has changed in my views with irrigation over the first 2/3 of Spring. 

Prep for Christmas is also on the cards, a few lights to repaint, and get working again, Gift shopping is almost complete, and all wrapped up. 

Hopefully nobody has been flooded out or lost crops to the cold! 

Rainy Day Crafts.