Raspberries and chillis!


Date:12 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Our little Raspberry garden has yeilded enough for 3 little jars of jam. This was Kerry's project this evening.

I got out the gloves for some chilli fermenting time. The first bottle is Peurto Rican Yellow, Sweet white Spanish onion, Marconi Yellow sweet pepper and Culantro. This will hopefully yield a fresh pepper forward taste with a hint of corriander. 3/10 heat level

The second bottle has Peach Habanero, red onion and carrot. I want this one as a hot sauce. The carrot and red onion should add sweetness to enhance the floral nots of this habanero. 7/10 heat level.

For reference I put Tobasco sauce as a 2/10. 

Happy harvesting and preserving everyone! 

Raspberries and chillis!