Ravishing Rosemary

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:04 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Flowers, Recipes

Apart from the spring bulbs not much is flowering in the garden right now except for this gorgeous beauty. The rosemary is flowering prolifically in our herb garden. I love, love, love this herb. I use it all year round.

  • leaves chopped finely in stuffing for pork or chicken it is delish
  • chopped and sprinkled with rock salt and olive oil on a homemade foccacia bread
  • stripped of a few leaves the firm stalks are a fantastic spike for beef or lamb kebabs
  • the flowers add a certain something to a salad or atop a pizza
  • smaller stalks inserted into a roasting lamb leg
  • long spires in a vase look and smell divine

And I always include stalks of rosemary when I take flowers to my parents resting place - "rosemary for remembrance". There are so many more uses for rosemary, I would love to hear yours. My preference is the upright but the creeping rosemary smells just as good and looks awesome in the right spot.  Right now the bees are looking for something delicious and this bush is just humming. Rosemary in a garden is a must!

Ravishing Rosemary