Ready for Christmas?


Date:26 Nov 2023

Well Christmas is certainly starting approach quickly now, 1 day less than a month away and 4 days till Summer!

Every year we try for indoor outdoor flow, so we have gone back to pink and white outside with pastel pinks, greens and whites inside. The approach of less is more has been the theme, with it being definate, but subtle Christmas.

Other than the lawns and a bit of a tidy up and some pricking out of seedlings to seed trays for some succession plant in, not much was done as we had Seb, our cat at the vet. 

He is OK. He spent the night and is now home, rather sleepy but very cuddly. A week inside for him... May be a long week.. A new water drinking fountain nad few few additions to his diet should keep him happy and healthy. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope the week ahead is good! 

Ready for Christmas?