Ripe Truss Tomatoes


Date:12 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Buying Truss tomatoes at the supermarket is expensive, and you don't really know what is in the box, so you can't plan the serving size well.

Gardeners delight is great to do little trusses, I do up to 6, but 3 and 4 are the easiest, andvmost ideal in size.

Wedding favour bags helps keep them clean and bird and bug damage free.

The beauty of the truss tomato is not only the appearance, but the aroma and the flavour. Usually, and why they are more expensive, is that they ripen on the vine. I do pick larger beefsteak and slicers early as there is an undetectable difference in flavour from windowsill ripened but leave the ones for truss tomatoes on the vine. The aroma though, is what we associate with the flavour and quality. In a supermarket, the truss tomatoes smell so much better and are a little more expensive. This is due to them having their stalks, as it is the stalks we smell and associate with fresh home grown. Roasted with the stalk on, roasts the stalk and most of the taste of the tomato is from the nose, we get the sweetness and acidity from the taste buds.

I am ripening sweet 100 as trusses too.

Ripe Truss Tomatoes