Rocket (Wo)Man

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:04 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today in Whanganui is truly a delightful gift. Sunshine, beautiful blue sky and no wind... just the day to get enthused about the garden. 

On one of the recent rainy evenings we had the Big H and I sat down with a glass of wine and a notebook and made a few garden plans.

One of those plans involved our spuds. Believe it or not we are still eating the Agria potatoes that we harvested on Boxing Day last year. They're trying to sprout but still roast and mash brilliantly. We still have one crate of them left.

Back to our plan though. As much as I love Agria for their flavour and "keepability", they are not a particularly good new spud. They don't have that delicious waxiness that pops in your mouth. So this year we will plant a main crop of Agria in the garden, and today we have planted three tyres of Rocket. Hopefully having some new spuds will stop my temptation to "tickle" the Agria.

We've also found time, and breaks in the weather, in the past couple of weeks to start painting the fence behind the vegetable gardens. We needed to wait for the espaliers to lose their leaves so we could get in behind them. We still have a bit to do but progress is being made.

Apart from spuds we have planted carrots, dwarf peas, climbing peas, sweet peas and lettuce. 

Less than a month to spring - Yay! I hope your gardens are treating you well.

Rocket (Wo)Man