Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:04 Jun 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

As part of last seasons Yates Challenge I received some Romanesco Broccoli seeds. I sowed them and then planted the seedlings out into the garden a couple of months ago.

I've never grown these before and it seemed like ages before anything happened with them. But today I harvested my first head and I can see more coming on.

I've also never cooked them before but after a little research found that they are more like a cauliflower than a broccoli and can be cooked just as you would cook a cauliflower.

Our first taste of Romanesco was delicious! I boiled them about the same time as I boiled the carrot slices and then tossed both vegies with honey and roasted almond slices..... crunchy and perfectly cooked.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with different ways of cooking the lovely little florets and enjoying fresh them from the garden through the winter.