Room with a View

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:25 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The flood has subsided and although the grass on our back lawn still squelches when I walk on it, it is better than it was. We just don't want too much more rain. 

Signs of spring are everywhere and, while just a month ago everything seemed to take ages to grow, now you can see growth in just a day. The potatoes keep throwing their leaves up every time we cover them - we have given the Swift in the tyres their final cover with compost and will now let them leaf up and flower until I can start tickling - excited much!! The climbing peas and the sweet peas seem to put on a couple of inches (yes, I'm old school) every day. The strawberries are flowering profusely, the spinach is now providing us with enough tender leaves for salads and the onions are standing up straight and proud.

And when I look out from my kitchen across the back deck I am enjoying the daffodils and tulips in their pots. It might be a little dull and cool outside but there are plenty of signs of the spring and summer to come.

Room with a View