Roses in flower, some weeding and hanging basket!


Date:24 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Why is it that I promise not to let the weeds take over, over and over again. 

The roses and grasses out front were pretty overrun with weeds, even though I walk past it at least twice a day, at first they are too small to pull, then they are easier after the rain, th en it is a big job, vowing not to let it happen again😂🤣.

Well the iceberg roses are already blooming, and almost time to dead head them. Black berry nip is budding and so is Dad, the yellow rose. 

The side garden is planted asweel as the small corner pot and the hanging basket. 

Kerry has made a Black forest cake for my Birthday on Wednesday, cupcakes for the workshop for my Birthday shout, and 5 Christmas cakes. The current mix for the as needed Fruit mince pies is in the fridge. 

Seb tge cat came home with engine oil on him so the day ended with him and I in the shower. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and survived the rain! 

Roses in flower, some weeding and hanging basket!