Saturday Seed Sowing 🥳

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:06 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Cool blustery day with rain due to arrive soon... 

have decided Saturday is going to be my seed sowing day... 

Have a massive bag of Yates Black Magic... courtesy of the landlord in exchange for seedlings...

so today have sown edible companion plants of Thai Basil, 2 different types of Calendulas ( will use these for dye also), Bergamont , and non edible starfire marigolds to go by the peas and cucumbers.

also sowed some Yates honey sweet sweetcorn ... enjoyed this very much raw last season, sugarsnap peas, strawberry popcorns and Solar Flare Zucchini . The last 3 are completely new to me so good to try these things! 

intending to do a Three Sisters patch with the popcorn, have fish scraps ready for the planting holes ( an old Amish trick to pop a bit of fish in each hole your corn is going into) 

im not sure if the solar flare zucchini is a bush or sprawling rambling type... shall have to look them up so I know where to put them. Last season I put the zucchini twice in the wrong spot so lesson learned! 

gave some of my watermelon seedlings away the other day.
Put chilli seeds on top of the ones that hadn't germinated so the soil mix wasn't wasted and 😂 too funny they must have gotten offended and suddenly have popped up as have the chillies haha. So I now have more watermelons than I had before I gave some away. Go figure!  haha. 


Saturday Seed Sowing 🥳