Saturday Silliness


Date:22 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It's raining today! Good for the gardens, not so much for the chooks and lambs but they all have nice and cosy shelters to hide in! 

My 2yo and I decided to plant more bean seeds because last summer he loved chewing on fresh picked beans from the dwarf bean plants we had. I have a variety of green and butter growing in dwarf varieties. 

Our flowering plants have really taken off and are growing really well. The nasturtiums seem to be doing the best so far followed by the cornflower and statice and marigold. Spinach has finally sprouted and a few tomatoes have sprouted. Silverbeet still making its way I think.

I have learnt that patience is the name of the game with growing vegetables and plants. Planted too soon into the garden they soon die off, in the greenhouse an extra few weeks until they have a couple of true leaves brings a much higher success rate and I have finally got supplies to fence off my gardens from the chickens with bamboo and bird netting ( hopefully this will help heaps) 

Have got the indoor plants some more plant food. So handy to just squirt on and then water in knowing its giving them all they need. 

Am looking at buying some hanging baskets and petunias to pretty up the front area of our home. Make it look a bit more put together.

What have you been doing in the gardens this week? 

Saturday Silliness