Save, Resuse and Repurpose


Date:08 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Gardening doesn't have to be expensive, we all know growing from seed or taking cuttings is a cost effective way of growing compared to buying plants as seedlings, shrubs etc.

I wanted to share some things around my garden that cost nothing or were very cheap. My apologies to those who have been around a few years as I have shared these before.

The top picture is my vege and pot washing station, I occasionally do some potting up on it too. If I recall correctly we picked up the sink for $40 off Facebook, and my hubby built the frame around it with wood we already had. The person we bought it off had so many inquiries, I was lucky to be on Facebook and see it at the right time! He said he didn't realise they were hot in demand for gardeners and he possibly could have got a lot more for it, and still sold it ten times over. I have a plastic tub I put underneath it to catch the water to reuse on the garden. 

The bottom left picture is the bench in the greenhouse that my amazing hubby also made me out of crates that machinery at his work arrive in. The metal frame around the table part is scraps from his work too. I often see the crates free from businesses on Facebook also. 

The last pic is my compost bins (I also have a plastic one I bought first). This is also made out of the crates and off cuts of wood we already had. He made it so I can slide the wood at the front off and on for easy access. 

A few months ago we got a couple of trailer loads of horse manure for free, which done almost all my gardens over winter. Again this was via Facebook, we just had to load it ourselves, which was not a problem for free goodies for the garden! 

Grass clippings, kitchen waste, weeds, twigs, leaves etc are used as mulch or are composted (as long as their spray free, healthy material with no disease, and seed free), I reuse and wash all my pots until they are unusable, we've got sheep manure from under a woolshed before. I could go on, but you get my drift! 

Those three items in my pictures are not flashy in the slightest but they; have a purpose, are cost effective, upcycled and I use at least one of them every single day! And I love that hubby made them for me ❤️.



Save, Resuse and Repurpose