Seeds are in and Henrietta is out

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:08 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've managed to get a lot of our seeds in. Normally I start at the beginning of Spring but with a warmer climate up here and a greenhouse, I figure we can start a bit earlier.  

I've moved to using icecream containers for the initial planting with no holes. I know this goes against traditional methods but I find things dry out a lot quicker in the greenhouse.  Having a sealed container helps me control the water. It's risky as if you overwater it's a big issue so probably not something I would recommend as good practice.  But it works for me. I used to use cells and plant a few seeds in each but it was time consuming and I had to water a lot. Now I bulk plant and then thin them into bigger pots as the grow.

This chicken is Henrietta.  She's Haven's chicken and while she keeps escaping, she has won my heart. Every morning when I come out to feed them, she comes running over to me and lets me pick her up and pat her as we walk back to the run. In the afternoon closer to the second feed, she is out again to greet me. I didn't think I would fall love with our chickens but I have. They are beautiful creatures with cool personalities. 

Oh and we now have our own supply of chicken manure for the garden and all we pay for is the food. Our neighbors supply is with straw and we give them eggs in return.

I read an article in the newspaper of a lady who had chickens and said the feed cost more than buying eggs from the store so you don't save money.  I've done the math since we got them and our eggs cost 26.8c each. Way cheaper than the store and it's way more convenient going to the coop.


Seeds are in and Henrietta is out