Self confessed lazy gardener

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:17 Sep 2023

By that I in no way mean I'm lazy , what I do mean is what I do does mean I need to manage less , for instance self seeding things especially leek as they have no issues being well disturbed for transplanting , and there is no guess work with Mother Nature she just knows, I also hang a dried seeded plant upside down in the tunnel house and give it a tap every once in awhile for never ending silverbeet which is also chook food , an easy lunch I'm enjoying lately is a poached egg on top of steamed silverbeet with cheese on top , my Dad always said "if there's an egg in the house there's a meal in the house " the older I get the more I completely agree .

Under planting and mulching are another 2 that I can't do everywhere I would like to yet but we are building up to make alot more compost .

Not a lot of actual gardening done today but it's not every Sunday you chop a bit of your house out .

Self confessed lazy gardener