Soil Testing


Date:30 Mar 2024

With digging in the Olla pots I have decided to see what the soil is like according to standard tests. 

I am doing the 2 easy home ones. The 3rd for organic matter percentage I am not going to do. ( I am sure that drying the soil in the oven as the first part of the procedure will get me in a bit of trouble 😂)

As Bed 5 is where I was working today, I started there. 

The PH test is the first and that is 6.08. 5.5 to 7.5 is ideal, so no lime, gypsum or sulphur for the gardens winter ammendments.

The ideal ratio of clay/loam/sand is 20/40/40 and I have 18/38/44. I can't complain about that at all. 

I bed 5 has been trellised, Ola potted and a cover crop sown. Only 9 more beds to go! 

Soil Testing