Spring is fast approaching!


Date:06 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

It's so good to everybody coming out of hibernation, getting ready for spring, opening up the blogs and chatting about the gardens. 

Rose's are coming to life, we had 2 early flowers which are great, but we will cut them off and let the new shoots get going. 

Cabbages are heading up, peas as usual were a non event. Broad beans are getting tall. The tomato frames are up. The chillies are filling up the green house, only 5 spots left, but those plants are not quite ready. Tomatoes are in the grow cupboard. Companion flowers are started, basil is popping up its heads. More spring onions are germinating, along with chard. Carrots are in the garden. 

Happy gardening, hope the last weeks of winter are kind. 


Spring is fast approaching!