Spring vibes


Date:14 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I finally managed to clear part of my bank, uncovering a good few thornless blackberry and boysenberry. This cutting grass and clearing tradiscantia and convovulous was hard work but it let me see where my berry's were at..man I do wish I'd pruned them after last fruiting. They really fit my jungle vibe but not in the way I intended. Each year they get overgrown with onion weed which protects them from frost and onion weed  is my onion go to all through the cooler season...in summer the long grass is a fire risk and after a fire a few years ago (thankyou neighbours fireworks) I cut the grass once or twice a year by hand.

While scoping the rest of my garden I spotted a wee mumma bird sitting on eggs in a marvelous nest in my fejoia, I'll try not to disturb her too much but she is right by a path a use frequently. She is a regular in my garden and doesn't seem to bothered by me gardening a few meters away. A much better place for a bird than in my ceiling cavity...those guys are loud and right above my couch. When they move out I will/or hubby will close up the gap they got in.

I also got my kumara slips in (have only tried growing once before but not very sucsessfully) a few more cucumbers out and another mystery plant, perhaps a pumpkin 🤔.my loving toddler took out all my label stakes so I have a good few mysteries this season.

I'm hoping to start some more seeds but after all that weeding  I'm quite tired and I still really should do my housework. although if I don't leave my garden I can't see the mess inside! I've learnt it doesn't go away and can wait on occasion.

Spring vibes