Still cleaning up

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:18 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Today was the first day I could be outside since Saturday, I spent a fair bit of time today going back and forward with our wee trailer , it's like an oversized wheelbarrow but so handy especially when we loaded but never made it to the dump so the big trailer is still full . 
several loads of debris from our pine trees and wattles from across the rd . 
We lost 1 capsicum in the tunnel house but that's ok because I planted 12 , and the seed that I planted is finally cranking along and there were 23 seedlings so far . 

I had a flower order come in that really boosted my spirits and coffee with a friend this morning which was great for my mental health even if I did cry in a coffee shop . 

My first rose is out and my lupins got thrashed but still gorgeous I popped this beauty on the front of the flowers ,

Still cleaning up