Still Waiting


Date:24 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Life is pretty busy at the moment, with the local A&P Show I'm involved in and my little stall being open regularly now that the garden is in full swing.

Well... all but my tomatoes! Gosh they are taking their sweet time to ripen! The cherry's are starting to colour up now, but most of the larger ones are showing no sign of colour. Thankfully, they are loaded with fruit, which I'm having to keep a close eye on being so heavy I've had to use lots more string to tie them.

And finally my climbing beans are slowly starting to produce, they have been in the ground so long, but have been hammered over and over again from the wind, which has set them back. Going forward, I think it would benefit me to wait a month or so longer to sow them, or just stick to the non-climbing varieties. Everything else is ticking along great!

The aphids have made their apperiance, but I'm managing them OK at the moment. I've seen very little white butterfly out, but I'm sure they will come in flocks soon! 

Hopefully after the show at the start of March I will find the time to blog more regularly! 

 Still Waiting