Stopping to smell the roses

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:15 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Our roses are all a little bit tardy this year, they usually have their first flush late October. We have been watching the buds develop and show some colour over the past few weeks and this afternoon SH excitedly called to me as he was watering the back garden that the roses have popped.

And they have. This garden has three bushes of My Mum. I have blogged about this several times. It is a locally bred rose from Matthews nurseries. It blooms prolifically and the first time I saw it was in a local nursery with my late Mum who insisted on buying me my first bush. Since then I have propogated heaps of cuttings - it propogates really well from cuttings - and I so look forward to it blooming every year. It is a beautiful reminder of the most special woman in my life.

My Mum doesn't have a fragrance however, so I have planted these bushes in front of a climbing cream rose called Jack Hume which has a delicious aroma and means I really can stop and smell the roses.

Stopping to smell the roses