Strawberry Love


Date:03 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Giving my strawberry patch some love was my plan for a month or so ago, but there were a few things that got in the way of getting it done, so I took my chance while there was some sun today and got to it!

Our strawberries are in our 'fence garden' which runs along one of our fence lines and shares the space with some blueberry bushes, NZ guava, raspberry bush and boysenberries - which we've planted all together so we only need to net one area to protect them all from birds... and little fingers!

While giving them a good weed, feed and split up I decided to count our boundary neighbours and realised we share our fence line with 7 different neighbours! 

The joy of being down a back section in town... but also the joy of having many people to share produce with!! 

With the shortage of strawberry plants this year, I'm very glad that my ones produced lots of runners last year... here's to dreaming about fresh berries already! 

Strawberry Love