Sugar Rush... The Lolly Peppers


Date:29 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The Sugar Rush Peppers are part of the Baccatum family, they are the slowest to ripen, big leaf tall plants with green markings in their flowers. 

Most Baccatums are called Aji xx, apart from a small number. Mad Hatter is one of the very few heatless ones. Bishops crown is one of most well known along with the famous Aji Amarillo, due to the popular sauce that Peru has made famous. 

Sugar Rush Stripey and peach are the 2 I have grown for the first time this year. They are wonderfully sweet, then the heat builds.. from the back of the throat with a black pepper note in the flavour coming to the fore when the heat builds. 

Sitting at 30 to 50 000SHU they are not for the faint hearted, they pack a punch, but are not super hots, so people can still enjoy a small amount without suffering too much. 

Desseded and made into poppers is a great tasty way to enjoy them. A sauce is also a great way to bring out the sweetness. 

Sugar Rush... The Lolly Peppers