Summer on a Sill.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:21 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I had a big disappointment today.

Around 4 weeks ago I called into a local garden centre where I have got my kumara slips for the past 3 years to order my slips for when the weather warms up. I was informed that they are not going to have kumara slips this year for various reasons. 

I hopped into the car and phoned another local garden centre. No, they didn't have any right now but were looking at getting some within two weeks... did I want to put my name down for some?

Oh yes please. I gave the lady my name and phone number and told her I would like 12 please.

I hadn't heard from them so phoned today. "Did you put your name in the order book?" "No, I phoned and the lady took my details and said you would call when they are in" "Sorry your name wasn't in the book and we have sold out"  

I am gutted!! We tried them in tyres last year and they weren't successful but two weeks ago I made two beautiful mounds in our purpose built kumara garden (roofing iron buried below to provide a hard pan) just awaiting the slips.

To be honest I felt like crying.  

However instead of crying I got out into the garden, weeded my onions, trimmed my silverbeet, harvested some strawberries, peas and sweet peas and pulled myself together. We may not have kumara this year but we have so much still to be thankful for. Our Agria potatoes are looking wonderful, the Pukekohe Long Keepers are looking very promising and our tomatoes are flourishing. 

This evening while cooking our dinner I enjoyed the fragrance of sweetpeas and strawberries ripening on our kitchen window sill.

"Get over it Sue" I said to myself.

Summer on a Sill.