Summer veges starting to go in.


Date:31 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

With my hip mostly mended and the bruising going down I was back out today tidying up after the last week of neglect. Both lots of corn are now in with a few zuchinni, I'll pop beans in once they are abit taller after last year's fiasco with them growing to quick and pulling my corn down. A few more corn seeds planted on the windowsill in case something goes awry. Second lot of dwarf bean went in on my lower level along with some snow pea seeds, leaving room for flowers with are still sprouting. Mounded the potatos which have shot up in the last week 🙂 started making hay and grass mulch from my lawn, I cut it with my horihori and leave it out to dry...although at some stage I may need to mow, it's a good excuse to not get out the noisy machines. My first good strawberries are days away and safely covered it cages so I don't have to share with birds.

So nice to get back out there, my garden looks messy but to the trained eye there is bounty popping up everywhere.

Summer veges starting to go in.