Summers ups and downs.


Date:05 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I thought I'd post a pic of my main all day sun garden as last time I posted all the plants were so tiny now they are gearing up to produce. The zucchini are trying to fruit they just need some sun and heat, beans are popping up. I planted them later this year after last year when I planted all 3 at the same time and the beans pulled everything down destroying my corn. Sunflowers are budding all over the garden haphazardly planted between beds and randomly down in the wild section thanks to Mr 3. And the tomatos are flowering the sweet 100 even has green tomatos on it now.

Today was about maintenance  tidying the tomatos. Putting in tree stakes by the raspberry so I can net it and hopefully get some this year. Mounding potatos, deadheading roses. I want to liquid feed but most the garden is still wet from rain so I'll wait a day or 2.

I did notice my blackcurrants are abit sick, I often overlook them but they are covered in scale so I'll have to dig out some spray. They are very much past a digital removal.

I did do a mission to a garden store for the tree stakes and more carrot seed. So I got a few eggplants and capsicum plants to put in my other all sun bed, as the okra I grew from seed is mostly dead. Between all the cold/wet/windy I can't really blame them, 3 are struggling on under cloches but I don't hold out much hope. I did consider starting more from seed but I'm not even sure I like them so I went for something I know how to grow.

I also harvested carrots, radish and snow peas. I'm hoping to pop my recipe for pickled radish up in the next few days.

Summers ups and downs.