Sun is comming.


Date:19 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

After cleaning up after last week's hail I relised I had lost some stuff. Not too worried I took some sneaky laterals off tomatos and popped them in water for a few days then popped them in the garden where some had been shredded. Lettuce I had more in seed trays on my window sill so I swaped them out. I was very lucky!

This week it looks like summer might be here for reals (fingers crossed) I was out pruning and feeding today in the sun!! I've poped some more snow peas in down in my wild section I am hoping they will climb flowering parsley. My berries are all comming along even if they won't be ready for Xmas like the last few years, the strawberries might and they are the favorite anyhows.

Sunflowers are soooo close it's hard not to stare at them until they open!

My whole garden feels like it kind of got stuck and didn't move for the last 6 weeks so I'm delighted to see things growing by the inches when we get into the high teens or early twenties.

Have a good Christmas/ new year or what ever summer holiday you celebrate! Things get crazy now and I doubt I'll have time for another post until after the silly calms ❤️

Sun is comming.