Sunday afternoon amble through the veg garden.


Date:19 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well the sun has come out to show it's face now that we have finished the weekend!

I did get to plant out the basil for around the tomatoes aswell as the last 4 bean plants. 

Walking around the garden picking an onion and some lettuce for my sandwich for lunch tomorrow, I had a slow walk and had a good look at what is nearing harvest or needs attention, luckely there is no too much attention needed other than adding Olla pots to some potted chillies. I have 3 test versions and will blog about my opinions of each soon. Speaking of which, by Olla lettuce bed is doing really well. It drinks a 5l bucket over 24 hours. Rainy days I don't full it. 

Ponky peppers are almost ripe, which is exciting. I had 1 ripe one already, but ate it to experience and think about it before a write up. Black scorpion tounge is also growing nicely. Shishito will be ready to pick soon so I will need to get the BBQ summer ready and grill those! Cayenne and Purple cayenne are a standard here and there are a few with lots of follow up flowers! Jalapeño are corking so will be developing there flavours now...and there are so many others on their way.

Bloody butcher my bought grafted tomato is fruiting well and a random volunteer tomato has made home in the pepper bed, I will have to watch it.. Hopefully it behaves😂

Finally I have a leek that is flowering. This is on purpose as I want to save the seed, and also I want to experiment with the flowers. Salads is an obvious one, but I want to see how they taste when used as and ingredient in toasted cheese sandwiches and as a garnish on pizza or pasta dishes. 

Hope everyone is ready for a new week! 

Sunday afternoon amble through the veg garden.