Sunday Summary


Date:17 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well another weekend comes to an end. As Seb has been sticking around more than usual, I was not wanting to waterblast the entertainment area and scare him off with the noise. 

So, time to tackle the broad beans. After lots of advice on how to enjoy them, and use the flowers are pretty cool and taste like green beans, but the lack of asparagus and the fact that Kerry likes neither asapargus or broad beans, they needed to make space for the tomatoes... 

But, then the bees and bumble bees had there votes, they did it with their wings and all turn up in force today, so they were cut back to expose spots for the tomatoes. I have left clumps at the posts of my frames and the ones further back from the frames have remained, so about half of them. 

I am sure a neighbour or 2 will enjoy them for me😂. 

I have added some more to the germination cupboard too. Pak Choi, thyme, chives and a few more Blue lake climbing beans. The carrots in toilet tubes are doing well, and will soon be thinned to 2 per tube, then down to 1 at baby carrot size. 

A few more peppers went into there final pots aswell. 

Hope everyone has a good week! 

Sunday Summary