Sunshine, Sushi and Salads

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:12 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

Like most of you right now, here in Whanganui we are being bathed in sunshine... and loving it! It does mean that we are having to stick to a strict watering regime - the sprinklers are out early in the morning and any feeding is also done early before the heat and the burn of the day. 

We have been busy harvesting and clearing crops as well. Our sweet peas finally finished and, after harvesting some seeds, we have added them to our compost. Our onions have fallen over and been pulled - we had an amazing crop - more on that in a future blog. The zucchinis just keep on keeping on and I have given heaps away and made two gigantic batches of zucchini brownie for SH's work lunches this year. We're eating lettuces nearly every day, picking cucumbers, strawberries, celery, beans,  spring onions and have just picked our first two tomatoes.

The kumara are finally starting to spread, the strawberry popcorn is almost ready to pick and dry and our sweet corn, which I put in as an afterthought, is nearly as tall as me (which is not very!).

We had one of our grandsons to stay last night. Coming from a family of four kids it's a special treat to have a night on your own with Nan and Poppa. So yesterday him and I made his fave food - sushi. We used our own carrot and cucumber along with teriyaki chicken and pickled ginger. He was happiness filled and put away 11 of them!!

With the weather the way it is salads are definitely the vegetable of choice right now and fortunately we are able to build a whole slection of salads all from our own patch!

The photo is one of our gorgeous sunflowers showing off in the early morning sun.

Sunshine, Sushi and Salads