Supporting Local Where I Can


Date:15 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

There's a lull in the garden at the moment, which I'm sure many of you are experiencing too, with most things being planted out and just the general stuff like watering and weeding needing to be done. 

My dear Grandad had emergency surgery last night (he's OK, but going to be a rough and long recovery), so while I was down that end of town visiting him I popped into a locally owned and operated wee garden nursery. 

As I was browsing around the shop the owner was chatting to me about all things gardening related, and she saying this year was a bit of a struggle business wise for her. On the drive home it got me thinking about two things in particular - I need go out of my way to support the wee guys more, I bet they do a little happy dance every time somebody purchases from them. And two, the other garden places I go to, I very rarely get the personal touch I got today.

So I came home with these beauts today from there - a few dahlias and a chocolate cosmos that I've been inspired to get for so long (from James if I remember correctly growing them one year).

Disclaimer: she didn't have any watermelon seedlings, so I did have to call into Mitre10 to grab those.

Now to think about where they're all going to go! 

Supporting Local Where I Can