Surviving Spring

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:30 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

While we are still getting a few gusts, and some heavy downpours, the worst seems to have past. Apart from an interupted sleep we survived fine. There is a few puddles here and there, and  one pot upturned, but the only damage is wind beaten and wet seedlings which I am sure will perk up once we get some sunshine. 

I am going to say that I am pretty impressed with my contouring skills with the topsoil the other week as it was capturing the runoff nicely meaning that I could actually walk on the lawn with bare feet this afternoon. I was also somewhat relieved none of it washed into the drain, or back to where it was. We still need the neighbour to sort his issue though as we still have some that channels underground and out under the house and down into the chicken coop. We won't ever completely stop that (natural waterway in the wet), but we can hopefully stop the neighbour adding to it.

The only other evidence of torrential rain here is ankle deep water at the far end of the back gardens. This hasn't drained as we put edging down last year to stop the bark washing away. It will be dry by morning.

Unfortunately, not everyone around here weathered quite as well. Two trees around the corner from us have come down, and the dinghy sailing boats at the sailing club are on top of each other, and two big yachts are off their moorings and on tbe rocks. Thankfully,  Hubby and Connor dropped the mast on the kids' Starlings yesterday morning and moved them into the shelter of our Fizz Boat, whose cover is now torn. 

Nb...the trunk in bottom pic is all that is left of our silk tree that came down on our bbq area in the Jan storm. We do miss it  and it is starting to sprout again, but we are going to get it completely removed.  


Surviving Spring