Sweet 100 F1.... summary


Date:03 Feb 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I hope everyone's garden is doing ok in the wet summer we have.

While the weather is taking its toll on the tomatoes, we can't complain as we have had a huge harvest so far.

Sweet 100 F1 is a tomato that I decided on late and without too much consideration. I was looking to grow Rapunzel, purely for the long trusses, leading to its name. Seeds proved impossible to find and there were no seedlings available. So I tried this, started later than my others.

Great little tomato cherry tomato. Sweet and juicy, not one for cooking or saucing, other than flash fry as a topping for a steak or pasta. Nice as a small handful to snack on!

I do wish I had planted this earlier, and knowing my garden and starting my plants in August to go in the ground 2nd weekend of September if weather plays the game right has proved to be the best option for a few years now. This later planting has not played into the common suggestion of later is better. While I do recommend later rather than too early, it does show how different gardens have  different rules.

This one has a single spot in next years garden for it's great snacking qualities.

Sweet 100 F1.... summary