Tatie tyres

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:19 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've had a couple of days off blogging. SH and I have been on grandchildren duty. We've had our four grandkids - girls aged 2 and 3, boys aged 6 and 8 - to stay for two nights while Mum was attending a university course in Auckland and Dad was on call as a linesman. The logistics of caring for 4 kids are mind boggling, particularly when you're used to just two very tidy adults. But we have survived and actually enjoyed the company of four amazing kids... but they're back home now and we are quite enjoying the peace!

Now on the the subject of tonights blog.We plant Agria potatoes every year as a main crop. They are great keepers and we are still eating spuds that we dug on Boxing Day 2022. They have a few sprouts but still roast and mash beautifully. Agria, however is not a great new potato and I am craving a small, waxy new potato for boiling and potato salad.

So this year we have grown Swift in tyres to feed my appetite for a delicious little spud in spring. We've covered them once when a frost looked possible but other than that they have just been minding their own business and growing as spuds should. They're ready for another cover of compost tomorrow and I can nearly taste them already!!

Tatie tyres