Temptations too much


Date:02 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

It was Miss now 6's birthday yesterday and she received a fairy garden as a gift. She was excited to open the box up and start creating her magical wonderland when we realised a vital part was missing - the grass seed.

Of course I wasn't going to miss the 'free pass' to go to the garden nursary to buy the smallest bag of grass seed possible for her to complete her creation.

It would be rude not to have a look around while I was there, and with a bit of self restraint I only came home with two tomato plants and some seed yams! Oh and the grass seed of course.

I always buy a couple of tomato plants every season in hopes I get some early toms before my crops are ready, and usually it works a treat.

I haven't grown yams for a couple of seasons now, the bed I had them in had wireworm, and I was devastated after 9 months of lovingly growing them to pretty much lose the whole crop. But I'm ready to try again in another spot and I've never grown this variety before, and possibly haven't tasted them either!

Wish me luck!

P. S Miss 6 got her fairy garden done and is chuffed with the wonderland she created, I'll add a pic in the comments. 

Temptations too much