Thanks for the Prizes.


Date:21 Dec 2023

Well, there is a lot in $300 dollar box! It arrived today and was 2 boxes. The courier had to make 2 trips aswell as he forgot 1 box in the delivery😊 1 was at the door that Kerry brought in and then a knock at the door for the second half. A few days ago I got a note for pickup and thought I was getting everything tomorrow.

There is a great selection of seeds. I was planning on starting buternuts this week, but that may change a little to add some Golden nugget pumpkin from the Yates pack. I grew them a few years ago and they are great!

There is so much to take in. Lots of useful goodies. Liquid potash is one I use quite a bit with my potted chillies and the acid fertilizer for Blueberries, hmmm, maybe Yates is reading minds here as I am trying yo work out how blueberries will fit in the garden 😂

 Thank you Yates! 

Thanks for the Prizes.