That Autumnal Feeling

Gardener:Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Date:03 Mar 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Gosh February went by so fast, even with the extra day.  It feels like one moment we were all on holiday and the next summer’s over and it’s a bit cold.  If you go by the equinox we still have another 3 weeks of summer, but I think we’d just be kidding ourselves.  It definitely feels autumnal out there.  It even smells different.

I’ve harvested my pumpkins – it was a bit early, but they were ready and the combination of powdery mildew and a howling hoolie from the east and the leaves fried to a crisp prematurely.  The harvest was, while modest, was perfect for us as new empty nesters – we don’t need a squillion pumpkins.  Having said that the butternut are still in the garden doing their thing and there are a lot of those! 

I’ve also pulled up my melons and sown a mustard cover crop in it its place.  I have a garden group coming to visit next month so I need to march across the garden, taking down summer and making it look fresh, alive and vibrant.  Which means getting as many cover crops started as I can.  This is probably a good thing as I normally procrastinate in a state of end of summer denial and the garden just ends up looking super scruffy.

I’ve started sowing my cool season crops, although I completely forgot about kohlrabi, cauliflower and swede so I need to get out there again with the seed tin. 

There are some interesting Yates seeds I’ll be trying this autumn as well.  I have picked up some of the native seeds that I think will suit my environment and I’m excited to give them a go.  I have Rengarenga Rock Lily – which had a magnificent display around the country this spring, Astelia Kakaha, which I know grows well here as I’ve seen it in the wild and Hebe Napuka, which I have high hopes for. I understand this may be a bit of a challenge as there is a warning on the packet that native seeds can take between 2 weeks and 2 months to germinate.  But I’m up for it!

Hopefully the current weather is just a reminder of what is to come and nicer days will return to ease us through this season.  I need as many nice days as I can get – I’ve got a lot to do!

I hope your gardens continue to flourish as the summer crops come to an end and as always – if you want to get in touch leave a comment below.

Sarah the Gardener : o)


That Autumnal Feeling