The BEAN Forest

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:13 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The seeds I sowed last week have been cooking away on our lounge coffee table for the past week and a half and many of them - tomatoes, popping corn, basil, sunflowers and more are just starting to poke there little heads through the seed raising mix... cutely, gently, delicately...

BUT NOT THE BEANS! Over the past 3 days they have THRUST up the soil, they've PUSHED the seed raising mix over the side of the punnets and they have made their presence felt in no uncertain terms. "WE ARE HERE" said the yellow and gold dwarfs. "WATCH OUT HERE WE COME" said the Kentucky Poles and we now have a forest in our lounge - along with a smattering of seed raising mix over the towel I fortunately thought to put underneath their trays.

I have come to the conclusion that beans are not a shy and nervous plant, they know their place and that is first place... they're certainly winning the race here. 

The BEAN Forest