The Best of Times

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:23 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

November is possibly my most favourite month of the year in the garden.

Everything is lush and green and starting to produce and is mostly disease and pest free. Lots of vegie plants are on the verge of offering up their first produce and fruit and flowers are showing their buds and tiny fruit. Nothing (except tulips and daffs) is dying off. 

Our vegie garden is looking so lovely right now - I thought I'd take you on a little tour.

We have the citrus stone garden plus five beds that span the width of our back section. They're divided by stone paths and along the back of the garden is another path and north facing narrow garden that has herbs, sunflowers, sweet peas, and espaliered fruit trees.

From left to right we have the triangle citrus area with an orange and lemon tree. Another triangle garden is home to the strawberry bed (thanks Sarah from Yates) and, until a couple of days ago, was home to our first lot of dwarf peas and cylindra beetroot.

The next garden features carrots, silverbeet at the back and now under the cloches capsicums, basil and zucchini. These two rows were supposed to be for kumara - but that's another story. ):

Garden no. 3 has a row of celery and then our pukekohe long keeper onions. Beside them is my patch of lettuce and spinach along with a yellow zucchini, popcorn and a cucumber. A row of dwarf peas next to chives and in the front of the garden sweet peas on the arch.

No. 4 is our spuddie garden this year. 3 rows of Agria potato all in flower - and I haven't been tempted to tickle!

In the final No. 5 garden plot there are dwarf beans, new potaotes in tyres (which haven't been particularly successful), rhubarb and behind that our bed of yams (which also haven't been successful this year).

Our tomatoes are all on the opposite side of the house in pots, catching the sun and dodging the wind.

The Best of Times