The Big Red Button!


Date:09 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

8 days ago I planted out all my tomatoes, and had a few spare as plan B incase things went wrong. There were 2 that I was not happy with the condition of, so they got disposed of, and as there were some brownish patterns on the stems I did a copper preventative spray.

Well I have today and tomorrow of and was walking around the garden looking at the tomatoes... NOOOO.. the brown camo like pateern is on 2 more plants and 1 has a black spot on a leaf. Now I am not normally one to panic too much and maybe a little early to say if it is blight, which with where the seedling were kept is very unlikely as they were in a sterile cupboard then small stinymt in the greenhouse, which is normally desease free, but it is at the best time to restart if it is, and I certainly don't want it to take hold in the soil, so out they all came. 20 plant gone and new seeds sown. As gardeners we have plans, this was not one of them! Hydrogen peroxide spray will clean the frames up and a fresh pea straw mulch wil go down at planting time.

On a good note. The 8 days they had in the ground showed good root development on the stems from planting deep and the root ball form the grow cups had opened and was doing well, they were starting to flower aswell. 

My over wintered Rocotto is doing really well, even though the newer planted peppers are setting fruit, so it is a little slow, the flowers are 2 fingers wide. Last year he were only half this size, and the plant is full of them. 

Happy gardening everyone! 

The Big Red Button!