The Caribbean Adventures!


Date:12 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The Caribbean islands and land based countries that run along it's coastline have a great variety of peppers, with each island or country with it's own variety.

The one constant is the heat... They are all hot or very hot. 

Puerto Rican yellow can get up to 425k Scoville heat units. 500k is wher the super hots starts. A very pretty yellow lantern shaped pepper.

Costa Rican Orange is the mildest but no slouch getting up to 150k. Berry shaped orange peppers on a compact plant. I have this growing in a 330ml can on hydroponic nutrients.

The most famous must be the Scotch Bonnets, or as Levi Routs says, the sunshine pepper, at 325k SHU certainly wakes a dish up. I have red and orange growing.

Of all the varieties I am only choosing these as they are at the limits of my heat limit. While I admire the hotter ones and those that eat them, they are not for me. 

The Caribbean Adventures!