The driveway.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:06 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We often joke that the entrance to our home is quite boring and plain and doesn't really give a hint at what lies beyond. 

We have our vegie, herb and flower gardens all behind our house. We live on a private right of way so there is not a lot of passing traffic but at this time of year it is extremely busy - our neighbours have a Christmas tree farm so the traffic is pretty much non-stop for a couple of weeks.

But back to our driveway. We've purposely kept it quite minimal. The Super Husband likes the clean lines of his lawns either side but we have still managed to incorporate some edibles because I don't like to waste food growing space. We have two apples espaliered on the northfacing driveway fence and have recently planted a feijoa in the lawn which looks like it will produce some fruit this year. We also have a  Tahitian Lime and a Satsuma Mandarin - both of which have fruited prolifically, and slightly further down the Nashi Pear we espaliered just over a year ago.

So it might be just a driveway but I feel like it's earning its keep.

The driveway.